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Creating the vision for long term growth for a £300m construction company

The Company had been suffering major losses for the two previous years, due to lack of direction amongst the senior management team, lack of clarity over their market sector and the value they had to focus on offering. As the company was originally a family business, there were also conflicting interests between those who still saw the company as a family business, and those who no longer took this view and wanted to move further away from this and have a more corporate business.


  • We collated a high level report, taking into account all areas of the company and looking at areas for efficiency improvements to reduce the losses as a starting point
  • The report then became an action plan, giving the senior management team clearly defined goals and direction in their market sector
  • We were then brought on board to work with the senior management team to help implement this action plan, resulting in a smoother transition into change
  • Including creation of the Vision
  • Creating a detailed Strategy
  • Production of Value Propositions for each business unit
  • Review of Brand Identity
  • Coaching of the Management and Marketing Team


  1. Agreed with family the outcomes they require from their shareholding in the Business
  2. Create a Vision and Strategy with the Board of Directors to deliver the family outcomes
  3. Create a set of high level KPI’s to review performance against the Strategy
  4. Reposition the firm using Value Propositions in the heart of their activities
  5. Year to date the company has finished its first quarter trading and is on budget and this year making money and improving cash flow
  6. Their forward order book has increased by 40% to in access of £250 million