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Improving sales and implementing a marketing campaign for a national retail golf brand


Client had a small off-course unit for retail within the bigger club warehouse and assembly building. Staff expertise (PGA Pro) and club testing / fitting was extremely high but product presentation and capacity to display ranges made it difficult to capitalise on this with the result that the focus of the offering was as a factory shop, trading on low pricing.


  • By utilising the assembly area differently the business has been able to move and double the size of the retail space
  • The offering has been switched from one of factory outlet to technical experts
  • Product displays focus on quality not quantity


  • Better displays for the key product groups and major brands
  • Repositioning the business with buyers, including replacing the factory shop references to superstore
  • Reactive to pro-active sales culture focusing on product benefits not just pricing
  • Turning like for like sales deficit of £6k into year on year increase the first part month of trading
  • Record month ever with three months of the change with year on year growth of 100%
  • Development of marketing campaign to customers and target prospects to maintain traffic and sales during close season