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Digital Excellence

A clear competitive edge and implementation structure can deliver small improvements to your existing activity that can lead to impressive results.

Is your business fit for the digital disruption that is about to change the commercial landscape?


Small improvements in performance at each transition point will transform the
volume and value of work won and have a positive impact on performance.
The marginal gains achieved are virtually all profit as there is limited, or no,
increase in costs through working smarter – only income.

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By traffic we refer to overall visibility of your business and brand.  Typically these days it is the digital arena that you need to be prominent in so that the right kind of customer can find you when they are searching for a solution, trying to solve a problem or looking for the type of product or service you offer.

Once you have been found you need to start the value exchange relationship building with your new friends.  They might have reached you from a wide variety of channels having read an article, review, recommendation or searched and found your website so you need to coax them closer in.  Help them answer the question they have, make it easy, rewarding and simple to engage with you and don’t make them think too hard!

Now you have engaged their interest you need to continue the journey to a converted lead, enquiry or even sale.  Ideally you would like this to happen on first visit but realistically it will take a bit more effort to convert this newly won traffic to a customer.  This is when the next phase of the value exchange programme kicks in, to nurture this new and fragile relationship to a position of trust that you are the right company to spend their money with.

Your new friends have now made that big decision that you are the right company to do business with so what else have you got to offer?  This is not about trying to sell additional unwanted insurance cover but identifying a pricing strategy that will enable you to establish price points that yield greater profit.

Of all the performance drivers price is often the most overlooked and yet it is potentially the most powerful.

This is all about customer retention.  We can all be a bit complacent about our existing customers and sometimes overlook our communication with them as we focus on new opportunities.  A well balanced customer retention program that adds continuous value to your customer base will help protect and build your long term income.

So how do you achieve all this?

Well you need to start by ensuring that your digital platform is working as well as possible for your business and getting you in front of the people you want to be engaging with.

Digital has re-defined marketing and how businesses engage with their target audience. Traditional interruption based marketing is becoming increasingly less effective.

Buyers select businesses that provide them with what they want – when they want it. With 80%+ of purchases starting with research online, a clear digital marketing strategy along with a clear value exchange sales model is now a fundamental component for all businesses looking to develop customer relationships and maximise the customer lifetime value (CLV).

Business planning

We focus on the outcomes

Digital affords you the opportunity to reach out to more people, interact with them intelligently and personally and generate value based enquiries. Rather than having to always compete on price, which just becomes a race to the bottom you can change your strategy and wrong foot your competitors.  By doing so you will engage with many more buyers, generate more income, keep customers longer and ultimately make more profit.

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Our digital programme starts by addressing where your business is in relation to your market and  competition and how fit you are.

Is your website performing? Are you taking advantage of all communication channels? How are you engaging with customers and prospects? and whether you are reaching out to the right market to attract new business.

The on-going management and delivery of the agreed strategy and action plan will focus on direct outcomes and our monthly detailed reporting will show you exactly what is working and how it is impacting and improving your business performance.

The content revolution

New technology is not only changing where and how people access information but is also driving a seismic shift in content from word to visual experience. The emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is just one example of how the user experience will be changing. People do prefer to watch rather than read and evidence shows much greater engagement and recall with visual based content building more effective relationships and enquiries.

This is set to transform the digital landscape and leave behind those who fail to adapt as customer expectations for information and entertainment get merged.

Our digital arm has recently expanded into VR and AR content creation and we are working on some really exciting projects in this field, take a look at the  AccessVR website  and give us a call to have a chat about things as we are sure you will have loads of questions as to how this new emerging technology could work for your business.

Google Cardboards

We are also one of the largest manufacturers of Google Cardboards in Europe which are all made at our facility in Berlin, Germany.  If you want to experience VR to see what all the fuss is about we would be happy to send you a sample Cardboard to try it out.