Implementing small changes across the business will have a significant improvement to your profitability

Accelerate your profit

5 steps to more profit

Performance Planning

Be outcome focused

The APS Performance Planning Model provides a practical and effective planning
tool to establish a clear direction, streamline processes and deliver better results.
It focuses attention on the key income and cost drivers to improve control and make the transition from being task to outcome based.

Are you  operating in a bit of  an internally orientated environment?  Is your planning a bit reactive to what is happening in your business and a bit too task  orientated around day to day operations?

You may  have strategic goals and ambitions to grow but the day to day operational reality might not be  aligned to your business goals.  The result being that you might just be focusing on managing the work rather then managing the business and therefore stagnating a bit.  Recognise the pattern?

Some clarity and focus on organisation as well as operation will help you identify what you want to achieve and create a road map on how to get there.  This will allow you to concentrate on the delivery of work which is probably where your strength and expertise lies.

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If you have a business plan chances are that it is heavily biased towards financial reporting.  Of course this is important (we are looking for more profit after all) but reflects the consequences of your activities, not the key income and cost drivers like the management of the customer and the work.  Step one will be to review your plans and vision for the future and structure your business so you can achieve your goals.

Your product or service may be very similar to your competitors so what is going to make you more attractive for potential new customers to engage with you rather then them?  Do you have a distinctive market positioning?  What promises are you making to your customer?  How does your customer experience measure up?  Your business can make simple changes that will set you apart and help command better fees as buying from you and dealing with your company will be a much better experience all round.

Is your existing business structure really working as well as it can to achieve what you want?  There are plenty of companies who are structured around internal systems and processes, but in order to get fit for the buyer led economy you need to make sure you have the right balance of internal and external capabilities to deliver.

Are your management information reports giving you the whole picture of your business?  And are you actually measuring what is important?  Once you know what things are going to make the most positive impact on improving your business it is not difficult to set up a series of KPI’s that everyone is focused on so everyone is doing more of the right things and less of the bullshit.

Managing the business is as important as managing the work in building a sustainable, profitable organisation. Most businesses would like to be making a bit more and you really can, without increasing your spend, by concentrating on identifying the opportunities to make those small productivity gains that can have the biggest impact on performance and profits (assuming that you are actually spending something on marketing and managing your business already).

What's involved?

If the market landscape has shifted from a seller led to a buyer led position does your business planning reflect this change?  Take a look at your website and look at the language you are using.  Do most paragraphs and sentences begin with the word We….. or the name of your company?  What message does that give to a first time user?  What it conveys is that it’s all about you and how clever and great you are at what you do  whereas surely you should leave that decision making process up to the visitor.  It is a bit more polite when greeting someone to ask how they are and how you can help them rather then shouting at them how marvellous you are….

Your business planning is perhaps like your website and puts you at the centre of everything.  The trick is to turn this around and start planning everything around the customer – you’ll enjoy the results.  Oh, you may need to schedule in a bit of customer service training so everyone understands the importance of what you are doing.

Improve performance

How can I create a difference?

Some would advocate swimming in the blue ocean rather than the red ocean full of sharks where everyone is chasing the same prey.  Just by having the best user experience from start to finish will help differentiate you from most of your competitors but you can’t tell them that, you have to deliver it and deliver it well.

Long term profitability and performance is increased only when you have a clear competitive edge and implementation structure to boost your income through more productive customer relationships. Delivering this hinges on 2 key elements:

  1. External Effectiveness
  2. Internal Efficiency

Where do we start?

It’s always good to start at the beginning, but we actually start at the end!  Why, because we need to understand what your destination is so that we can help you build the right framework (road map) to get there.

If what you have seen here has given you some food for thought and challenged some  of your  thinking then there is plenty more for us to discuss.

If you do want to explore how you can be more efficient and make a bit more money then we would be delighted to have a chat with you to show you how that is very possible.

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