Mission for efficiency

The benefits of digital marketing

Websites enable us to have a global reach. Through the ownership of a website it allows you to find new markets and trade globally for only a small investment. By having a website your customers are only ever a few clicks away from getting in contact, completing a purchase or downloading a service – this has been a game changer to the way business is now conducted which has had an immediate impact on the importance of digital marketing.

So what are the benefits?

With digital marketing being more widely recognised there are a number of measurable benefits that are available to companies – which should be utilised. Setting up a properly planned and targeted digital marketing campaign to reach the right customers is now possible at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing methods.

Web analytics and other online metric tools give us the ability to measure our online marketing activity. Through having visibility and being able to measure this data it is easier to establish how effective your campaign has been, which in turn will assist you in reporting and future strategic planning. These platforms also give you the opportunity to profile your customers in much more detail and learn about what they best respond to & makes them engaged with your brand. As a result of this, we now have the ability to personalise our customers experience through targeted offers and communicating with them directly. This forms a much stronger relationship with our customer base, increasing engagement and lifetime value of your customers – if you can keep them engaged!

Where does social media sit?

Social media has opened up a different route to market giving businesses the opportunity to amplify their brand messages and create ‘fans’ who might never have come into contact with their business otherwise. It continues to grow and surpass many expectations; a report by Search Engine Journal from February 2016 showed that 2.1 billion people worldwide have social media accounts.  This has not only become a popular communication tool but also a powerful advertising and networking platform. Being able to engage with your customers through social media gives you a platform to open discussion and media sharing around topics of common interest. Social Media gives companies more freedom, insight and communication opportunities than ever before.

An effective marketing strategy will, of course combine a mixture of digital and traditional touch points giving your customers optimum brand awareness and potential purchasing opportunities. With the ability in digital to effectively track, monitor and respond to your customer’s activity this allows you to fine tune your digital presence – helping you to save money and develop your customer relationship.

All sound great but not quite sure how to get there or where you should start? Why not consider a chat with Access Performance. Looking at your broader business strategy alongside your marketing strategy we work with you to help make you more effective at generating and converting new business opportunities to grow income and profits. Want to find out more?