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Video: The benefits to your business message

Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

With many new technologies on the rise, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and understand what you should be using and what has the most benefit and ROI to your business. People may mistakenly believe that video is no longer as relevant or useful for your business as it used to be, however this is simply not the case. Video is still very relevant in the business world and arguably is still gaining traction as an important marketing tool as WeCapture found that 59% of business executives stated they would rather watch a video than read an article.

There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate videos into your business and marketing mix. A very simple but effective way to start using video is to create an ‘About Us’ video for your website – this gives the opportunity for your business culture and personality to stand out from the crowd and come to life more than written content might. Videos are seen by many as more engaging than text content with Diode Digital finding that 60% of site visitors will watch a video before reading any text. Video is a media that can be related with and is more prone to be shared, giving your business more exposure to the market place.

Adding a video to your ‘About Us’ page and website in general, should motivate potential clients to stay on the website longer than they may have originally – in fact it causes 88% of visitors to stay on your website longer. Those who remain stay on a website for 120 seconds longer – this is because visitors now have both the written content and video giving two mediums of engagement.[3] While 120 seconds may not sound like a particularly long time when compared to the 15 seconds the average internet user spends on a website its significance becomes clear.[4] The benefit of encouraging people to remain on your website for as long as possible is that it increases your SEO (search engine optimisation) rating. SEO is vitally important for anyone searching for your business online as the higher your SEO rating the higher your company ranks on Google’s search engines.

It is also worth encouraging your satisfied clients to share their experiences of your company to post on your website and social media platforms. This benefits your company as once again it generates trust through the use of real people and real stories. As an additional benefit the people featured in your video are likely to share it across their own social media platforms hopefully generating significant interest in your company through what is essentially word of mouth marketing in the 21st Century.

Video is still very much a valuable marketing tool when used as part of the full marketing mix and is still underused by a large number of businesses as they simply are not aware of the benefits provided by it. Many companies are put off from using video due to the perceived costs. However, as with all new technology, the costs are coming down while the options available are continuing to grow as there is now not only video but also VR (virtual reality) and infographics all providing ways to display information though a visual medium encouraging visitors to engage with your website to a far greater degree than ever before.

So with all these business benefits and opportunities for you to try out video, what are you waiting for?